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Our studio, working place started in 2006 at the garage / showroom in Weesp because Armando was looking for a place to build his ‘Bot’. During the period April-August 2006 that we worked on ‘Bot’ we decided to get married as soon as ‘Bot’ was finished. ‘This wedding Boat’ was a symbolic marriage in not only sharing our Life together but also our Art. It was a dream coming through… it became more than a studio. In 2007 we moved to the Old El Paso Taco factory at Zuiderzeelaan.
This factory consisted that time out of 5000!!m2. From the first moment on we invited people to share our dream, look at the list of artists that worked here. Of course we both have our own website(s), but we more and more become aware that the space as a whole is becoming more than the sum of our works. [/themify_col][themify_col grid=”2-1″]After 6 years we have a lot of video, that shows in the best way how this environment has grown to this special (web)site. In november 2013 we suddenly had to move after 6 years to another part in the building, one block around the corner. It was a spectaculair moving that we succeeded to finish in 12 days. We stayed 2 years at the IJsselmeerlaan 8 and again in december 2015 we had to move out.. We moved to Rijnsburg this time and worked more then a year in an empty library. From January -December 2017 we worked again in Weesp at Amstellandlaan, from where we moved to a place called Oude Niedorp, a large shed. We thought we could stay there, but in the end of 2021 we unexpectedly heard we had to move out again!! 
We found a new place at Voetangelweg 6 Abcoude.
to Abcoude